ron avidan remind me of

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ron avidan remind me of

Postby Ivan Drago » Fri Jun 12, 2015 12:03 am

Image kleinfeld

weak pathetic ugly jew geek who talk to pacino and some sluts and now think he is superior man and tough gangster.

He disrespect his website members much time think he better and smarter than them and they is nothing. 1 week ago I see him treat wes like child and tell other members he find it funny when they try tell pro bodybuilders like kai how to bodybuild.
Major idiot not know that pro bodybuilders do not know more than all peoples who not pro bodybuilder THEY JUST TAKE MORE DRUGS!!
Major idiot not know who all his members are too could be dennis james or roelly ex granma or Me Ivan Drago so who is he to say this things to any members? All he know is computers. What he know about how to bodybuild? NOTHING. Much much much delusional this fat idiot.
He forget he is fat geek schmoe nothing more. He take pervert photos of bodybuilders (which child or vince basile do just as good) and make internet website and get lucky with some peoples finding the website and writing there. He think he 100% reason why getdumb is something and not because of the members. What is getdumb forum without the peoples? NOTHING. If getdumb is gun the members are the bullets. Same with all internet forum.

I bet he have pistol and show his wife on bed and say "look me honey bunny I big powerful man" and then flex his fatcep and say "feel it baby" and imagine he 2009 jay cutler. Inside she want to do the vomit but she swallow keep it down feel sorry for him and just before she touch his fat he drop his arm down and say "sorry I tired now from hold hand up I go sleep". Inside she thank her imaginary god and then go bathroom to wash face because he breathe on it with mouth.

The fat scum.
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Re: ron avidan remind me of

Postby Vince Goodrum » Sat Jun 13, 2015 8:32 am

Not a fan of bashing Jews, Ivan. Lately though, Getbig is becoming way too PC nowadays. Mods think they are Gods
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