Hidden Truth Of The Supplement Industry - Beef Protein

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Hidden Truth Of The Supplement Industry - Beef Protein

Postby Vince Goodrum » Sun Mar 06, 2016 8:34 am

Ok guys, you may have noticed that there is a thread on Getbig on beef protein isolate and I kindly explained not to buy it.

However, people are wondering how much it actually cost to produce a canister of these popular products. Well, here's how it works people and I will only explain this here on this forum. Now first off, despite most people knowing that its made from collagen...people are assuming that they are made from the carcasses of animals but most of it isn't. That's because it would COST MORE MONEY to convert it over between stripping the rotten meat, fat, grease etc. Unfortunately these companies do it much cheaper.

Instead of dead animals, they actually just buy the cattle hides which runs about 68 cents a pound currently for American hides but you can go to Sweden and get them for half the cost ;D (Sound familiar). They then take all those hides and boil them until they literally break down. A person (usually an illegal immigrant) climbs up, takes a giant stick and scrapes off the excess fat with the risk of falling into that goo. Afterwards, the goo is simply feed through a standard atomizer and is spray dried into a large drum similar to coffee, tea, etc. Then its mixed with creatine and other various amino acids such as BCAA's. The reason is because these products are even cheaper and will throw off most testing devices for protein. The drum is spent around rapidly to mix and then the finished product is shot into canisters, labeled, and boxed.

Total cost per canister....about 50-85 cents. Enjoy. To be honest, there's nothing inherently wrong with the basis of the product except for the companies that add the extra amino acids and creatine in. Utimately, beef protein isolate does have 98% of the amino acid profile as regular beef.
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