Real Bodybuilding With Aaron Singerman & PJ Braun

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Real Bodybuilding With Aaron Singerman & PJ Braun

Postby Vince Goodrum » Wed Jul 31, 2013 10:55 am

Real Bodybuilding With Aaron Singerman & PJ Braun #1
For a long time people have been asking PJ Braun and I to talk about bodybuilding on Iron Empire Radio, but that isn't the place for such talk. With those requests in mind, it's my pleasure to bring you the first episode of the NEW Real Bodybuilding!

In this episode we discuss Jay Cutler, the emergence of Big Ramy, the potential comeback of Kevin Levrone, the upcoming PBW Tampa Pro, and much more! Our special guest of the week is the creative director of Blackstone Labs, Matt Meinrod ... aun-3.aspx
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