Nutrition Specialist and author of books on health

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Nutrition Specialist and author of books on health

Postby amindathomas15 » Wed Apr 30, 2014 8:31 am

Dr. Fuhrman recommends every hour and a half to get up and walk. Even a small movement activates the muscles and warm up your metabolism.
2ndDo you choose the wrong cosmetics

Cosmetic products like make-up, lipstick, concealed and more remain on the skin, but are absorbed into it and get into the body
Nutrition Specialist and author of books on health, nutrition and fitness Frances Sheridan notes that many cosmetic products contain toxic substances such as sodium

And because the immune system is not used to these components degrade hazardous toxins can penetrate through the defense system and weaken it.

Rather choose natural remedies according generally valid - the fewer ingredients the product contains, the more secure it to the immune system.
Do you like white bread?

The freshly baked baguette or crispy or home-made cake, although it smells amazing and tastes even better, but as pointed out by Dr. Susan Blum, author of "The Immune System Recovery Plan", all the white flour weakens T-cells and B-cells in our body, which are essential for fighting disease.

Dr. Blum recommends to the Council to choose whole grain bread contains fiber, which in turn supports the immune system. According to Dr. Blum is also exclude things from white flour from your diet completely and go on a gluten-free diet.continue reading
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Re: Nutrition Specialist and author of books on health

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