An unusual exercise for the hands and whole body massage

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An unusual exercise for the hands and whole body massage

Postby michealcarne » Mon Apr 27, 2015 6:25 am

For new readers: this workout is part of the weekly programs. Follow the training program Old School New Body Scam by Steve Holman - A complete Muscle Building Secrets, and not by choice, because in training programs are combined in a special way by Steve Holman.

If you want to lose weight, tightness or need further training plan to follow and nutrient. The exercises affect muscles, and subcutaneous fat food. With exercise directly affects not the fat, so you need to take the right amount and type of food for you.

See what other readers agreed with diet and exercise.

1. with alternating jumping lunges – 10
2. Ballerina squat with a weight-10
3. the Pushup wide hvat – 10
4. Boating hvat supiniran left side – 10
5. Diamond anchor-10
6. Rowing hvat supiniran right side – 10
7. lifting of SARS + Unstuck and leg-10
8. With the alternation of squat lifting dumbbells off up-10
9. V sitting with your knees bent – 10
10. high-low Board – 10
11. Jumping jacks scissor-50

What exercise they impede the most? How many rounds play?
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