Hair fall treatment with transplant - fue and fut

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Hair fall treatment with transplant - fue and fut

Postby SatyamHairtreatment » Wed Jun 17, 2015 5:27 am

Dialysis. As a kid was a real torment, Gabriele. Hyperactive, crazy, engaged in martial arts, skiing and windsurfing, all extreme activities. Thought to overcome every obstacle, beating every opponent. But then, one morning, and as he climbed down the steps of the study doctor at the stadium, that's the first sign of something wrong. Checks, analysis, finally shocking confirmation."What do you want it to be - underestimated some doctor - in thirty years go on dialysis, but do not worry."
But dialysis, Gabriel, had to begin it in a few months. Summer 1993 summer scholarship to the dream called England. Already won, and reluctantly returned to the sender. "In that moment he began a long journey that would take me to the kidney transplant - he says - and, after two and a half years of dialysis, the hospital found a matching organ. So it was that in January of '97 I went into the operating room. "

sounds so at the gates of the "He introduced me to a mutual friend. I was convinced that you had to be to force railway but no. I immediately found a second family, accepted as one of them. I had breaks in the pool, and was followed by exceptional people. As , President, my first instructor. "
Gabriele then to Madrid. One year Erasmus, and when he returns to decided to cultivate a full-time passion of always. Japan and Canada. The medical certification unit allows him to practice the activity.

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Re: Hair fall treatment with transplant - fue and fut

Postby ravinder » Fri Nov 11, 2016 8:10 am

FUE is the latest technique used by various doctors where the hair follicles are usually taken from the scalp area from the back side. This is the effective technique for hair transplant.
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