Natural Treatment for Health Issues

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Natural Treatment for Health Issues

Postby kellycharles » Tue Feb 10, 2015 5:23 am

Women health problem. Women and heart disease is a major problem. Women need to be aware of the symptoms of heart problems because the symptoms are different than those symptoms for men with heart disease Natural Treatments

There are many problems of Natural Treatment for Health Issues health issues you can see on Our Site
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Re: Natural Treatment for Health Issues

Postby EvelynTheo » Wed May 20, 2015 7:29 am

Yes you are right there are many problems is women, there is one more issue is Cellulite, Cellulite are fat cells accumulated in a portion of women body, usually on thighs or butt.
They are normal, most women have cellulite and so do most teen girls. It is not a weight issue either. Exercising (such as planks and squats) and drinking plenty of water, as well as eating healthy will restore the areas of body that have cellulite.
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