Stop to stretch your hip flexors!

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Stop to stretch your hip flexors!

Postby aileenabela » Tue Aug 23, 2016 3:01 am

An object of Illiopsoas who like to be forgotten is that he's a spinal stabilizer. Since we now know that the psoas along the lumbar spine is connected, it can stabilize by compressing against uncontrolled spinal flexion, lateral bending and shear movement. As Ex. This is the fact that in patients with injuries to the lower back often the Transersus abdominis (transverse Bauchm.) Does not have full function more and thus the psoas takes over this task.

Interesting to note is that the psoas muscle also has an enormous Fasziennetzwerk as the median arcuate ligament, which opens into the diaphragm (Zwerchfeld). Now shows the back, the breathing techniques must be an important part of the training!

Now the question arises in chronically shortened hip flexors, whether it makes sense to dilate the muscle, thereby provoking an even more unstable hips or is it the fact that this double pull so hard, because the underdeveloped CORE (buttocks, abdomen) his job not it?

Other approach - if you stretch a shortened muscle and it has reached its optimum length again ...... he ..sollte not be short?

Now it is, because the hip flexors are now shortened or is it because the center (CORE) is simply too weak? Typically, it is a sub-function of the CORES, but here the fun begins yes then already!

Now it is not just the ability to crunches and sit-ups to do, but rather to maintain the ability of the spine, a stable and powerful foundation in a neutral pelvis position with incredibly phenomenal buttocks activation and to get around this.

Here are a few exercises to the problem described above to come to grips with: Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review
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