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Add Italian Food Culture Into Your Life

PostPosted: Fri Sep 08, 2017 5:00 pm
by JolieShannon
Culture plays a very important role in our life. You see, no matter where you go and whom you meet, you must touch culture. For Italian culture, it is very useful and interesting to learn, especially its food culture.

When we talk about food, Cappuccino is the first on the list. But what is Cappuccino? Yes, it is a kind of drink made of coffee and milk with milk foam in it.
But don't ask for it any time when you want, especially when you are in Italy! You maybe never know that Italian people don't drink Cappuccino in the evening. Instead they drink it in the morning for breakfast.

Finishing drinking Cappuccino, you can go to the pubs to enjoy yourself. In Italy, pubs for drinking are everywhere. You can go to such places very easily if you go to Italy. But when you enter a pub, you need to learn something useful in case that you make some mistakes while joining some groups aroud tables.

People in this place are happy to drink together. At this time you need to pull the wine with a jar. You often need to put the jar in your right hand and put the goblet on the left. This is a natural way to show your courtesy. If you don't know and put the goblet in your right side, which means a bad luck. So you need to be very careful!

And every nation has its own specialities in Long Term Food Storage, so does Italy. But if you need to learn taste more things in Italy, you have to learn Italian well so that when you go to that place, you can communicate with others intimately.

Re: Add Italian Food Culture Into Your Life

PostPosted: Thu Sep 21, 2017 8:47 pm
by powerlift66
Grew up in an Italian household (my Ma at least is 100% Italian) so we had all the good food, wine, etc.
My Dad was a mutt (Irish, German, Italian).

He died 32 years ago, my Ma still cooks mad meatballs (everything really) and still gives us pot-fulls of food).
Italians never change. (Food, wine, Food..... Food.. Loud yapping... Food)... :)